Consume for Good.

In 2016 musician Katherine Homes, created a hat line to fund her music album, Speak. Selling a few dozen hats to hundreds later....well, lets just say the rest is history.  Katherine Homes creates playful designs intended to put a spotlight on endangered wildlife and landscapes and the importance of conservation efforts. Growing up in the lush landscape of the East Coast, Katherine has always had an intimate connection to nature. Surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, she  merged her love of art and environmental studies at St. Lawrence University and soon fled to Colorado, then on to New Zealand, Nepal, India, and Australia, to understand how different communities connect to the wild.  

Based out of Colorado we are a community who loves music, adventure, travel, the environment, wildlife, social ventures, and outdoor activities. Katherine Homes has a mission to create the best product possible, tread lightly on the planet, and bring awareness to endangered species, landscapes, and conservation efforts through playful designs.  Whew! That is quite a mission statement.  We stand by it 100%.  

We aren’t just a small homegrown company with fun designs and a zest for life- and yes, we still heat press all of our hats ourselves!   Katherine Homes demonstrates a commitment as an environmental advocate by donating at least 1% of our annual sales to 1% for the Planet. We believe in transparency and doing good in the world. 

 Supporting us makes you a better, smarter, and Earth friendly consumer. 

High five for doing what’s right.  

In service of the planet,

Team Katherine Homes