Our focus is to put a spotlight on endangered wildlife, wild lands and the importance of conservation efforts through affordable and functional design.  


Growing up in the lush landscape of the Eastern US, Katherine has always had an intimate connection to nature. From a young age Katherine has made a commitment to tread lightly on the planet and encourage others to do the same. She has a passion for international travel and learning about diverse communities to understand how different cultures connect to the wild.  Katherine hand paints all of the designs using watercolor on wood. 


We believe that the best way to protect the natural world is to get outside and explore it.  The more we connect with nature the more we will want to protect it. 


We aren’t just a small homegrown company with vibrant designs and a zest for life. In 2018 we will donate 20% of proceeds to partner organizations. In 2017 we donated 4% of our annual sales to organizations helping to get individuals into nature and protecting endangered species and wild lands. 


We believe that business should be driven by passion and the desire to better the world. 


We know the fashion industry has a huge footprint on the natural world. We struggled with becoming a brand selling apparel because of this fact.  But after lots of debate, we realized that we'd be able to have more of an impact becoming one, then not. So we made a commitment to do things right. 


Transparency: Is always our first priority. 

Wood: Wood is sustainably harvested and sourced. 

Hats:  Are made in facilities that abide by environmental regulations and offer fair wages and great working conditions. 

T-Shirts/ Tanks:  We work with a non profit/ for profit that provides free job trainings to underserved women in New Delhi India and then provides sewing and management jobs. These same women make our products. They are provided great working conditions,  free health care and education to their children. They strive to become a Zero Waste facility and don't throw out any fabric scraps. They are collected to repurpose into other crafts. (HOW AWESOME IS THIS).  We also source GOTS certified organic cotton and work with a small family run business in New Delhi who print our designs using eco friendly inks. They air dry the final pieces. This means, less electricity being used in the setting process, and better working conditions.  WE LOVE OUR PARTNERS IN INDIA. 

Current Leggings: Made in Cananda. 

Future Leggings:  Bluesign approved, 100% recycled polyester fabric, and spandex. While fabric is sourced overseas, the leggings will be made by a small company in Colorado. They use eco friendly and water based inks. 

Prints:  Printed in Colorado on recycled paper. 


Purchasing products from us makes you a better, smarter, and Earth friendly consumer.  High five for doing what’s right.  

In Service of The Planet,

The Team | Katherine Homes