What?! The Grasshopper Wood Sticker is here?! Once you stick it, it won't move, a rarity for this gorgeous and fast bird. So grab one and stick it just about anywhere! A percentage of sales will go to protect the Hummingbird. Every year billions of toxic vinyl stickers are produced, ultimately littering the land and waterways. Since our launch in 2017 we’ve been asked to produce stickers. We said no... until we met the folks who make 100% biodegradable wood stickers right here in Colorado.  99% of the species in our line are considered threatened or endangered. You’ll love these stickers. We do!


We don’t often think of the grasshopper as an endangered animal, and while most species of grasshoppers are not, there are some, like the Desert Monkey and Michigan Bog Grasshoppers that are being dangerously affected by habitat loss and pesticides. There are over 11,000 species of grasshoppers throughout the world and while only ten are endangered it’s enough to make us jump into action!

  • Material - bendable, waterproof, and can be stuck to anything
  • Wood - sustainability sourced from responsibly managed forest and timber operations
  • Ink - the process uses no water which is more environmentally friendly and is biodegradable
  • Adhesive - This material is stickier then any other sticker material we’ve encountered and it’s plant based. We think that’s awesome. Power to the plants.
  • Backing - wax impregnated paper
  • Packaging - the plastic section of the packaging for the stickers is made with renewable materials that will break down in home and industrial composting, and is capable of marine biodegradation. The paper can be recycled. That means no waste. At all.
  • Sizing - 2" x 4 "
  • Instructions - Please make sure your product is CLEAN (even a knew water bottle)  and NOT COLD before adhering, just like any other sticker! 

Generating awareness around threatened species and wildlands through affordable and functional art.

We are a 1% for the Planet Member which means will are committed to giving at least 1% of our sales to partner organizations.