Our Mission


Katherine (KT) left the nonprofit world, where she worked in strategic partnerships, storytelling, development and fundraising, because she wanted to find a way to merge her love of art and music with her love of bringing attention to threatend species and wildlands. After launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for her solo music album, Speak, and giving hats with her atwork on them to supporters, she launched her brand at a festival in Colorado. The hats took off and she couldn't think of a better platform: People walking around with billboards on their heads bringing attention to threatened species and wildlands.

Artwork has the capacity to shift perspectives. It’s an easy way to get your attention, maybe get you thinking about something you might not otherwise. Because every design is focused on a threatened species or wildland, your KH goods will equip you with some visual back up. We want you to wear our products proudly and start conversations that educate others on some of these pressing issues. Not only does Katherine hand paint every single design using watercolor on wood, she runs the business. Now that’s a #girlboss.

Pic. Below : Liz hanging out with our friend Betsy's Alpaca.



There is too much work to be done to go it alone. We love other individuals and businesses who are using their public platform to inspire the masses and create change. We want to work with them. We think our non profit partner organizations are amazing and want to do everything we can to support their work.

The more we work together in raising awareness and the bar, vote for policies that protect the planet, and the future, the more success we’ll have in getting there. We do believe choosing the right light bulb matters, saying no to plastic, and driving less is important. We have an entire list of things that you can do that will make a difference. You are the solution to the world’s biggest problems. No pressure.

Pic Below: Some of the women who we work with in New Dehli, India who hand sew our organic cotton t's.


We are working with various organizations to plant trees. We also work with and support some incredible non profits. Make sure you check them out! You will feel inspired. We promise.


The sooner businesses commit to higher ethical and environmental standards the more others will be nudged to do the same. We have seen it with the food industry. Once people understood what the environmental and human implications were, they realized spending a little bit more money on organic food was going to be beneficial to their health and the health of the environment. No, not everyone has or can move over to organic food, but it’s way more mainstream now then it’s ever been since modern agriculture. We’ve seen these small, badass food companies, doing better than their larger competitors, which forced their competitors to raising the bar. We applaud them (small, badass food companies). We want to do the same with our brand within the outdoor / clothing industry. We are 100% committed to suppliers who do things right. Pay higher wages. Support a healthy lifestyle. Provide great working conditions. Meet high environmental and sustainable regulations. We don’t think it’s a lot to ask. We expect it.


This is a big one. We want to save the wild. We think you can too. If we don’t act fast, future generations won’t have all of these magical places to explore. The biodiversity that makes our planet unique will have been diminished.

Every. Single. Positive thought. Leads to great action. We want YOU to help raise our awareness, raise our voices, and make some serious changes through local action and national policy. You purchase product from us, we use your money to further our campaigns and outreach, and give it back to all those wonderful nonprofits fighting for positive change. See, there, you are already making a difference.

Purchasing products from us makes you a better, smarter, and more Earth friendly customer. High five for doing what’s right.

Pic Above, from left to right: Ann, Mike and KT running durring a photoshoot.