Why throw plastic into the landfill when you can plant flowers instead? 

Through her work with organizations such as, The Climate Reality ProjectHealth in Harmony, and  Green Up Our Schools Katherine demonstrates her commitment as an environmental advocate. She is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and donates 1% of her annual sales to help protect the environment.  As a passionate advocate,   she went above and beyond to create a more sustainable avenue to get her album into the hands of her audience.  

Katherine states, “With the ability to stream and download music, it no longer makes sense, and is just plain wasteful, to create a plastic CD.  It takes one pound of plastic to make 30 CDs and 300 cubic feet of natural gas, two cups of crude oil and 24 gallons of water for one pound of plastic. It's a complete waste of resources and plastic CDs are not easily recyclable.” So, she grabbed her web developer friend and seed paper experts, Bloomin,  to turn her idea into a tangible product.

In July of 2016 the first SeedCD™ was created.  The SeedCD™ - a well thought out download card with non-GMO seeds embedded into it-changes the way the music industry could distribute musically publicly -through an in person transaction.                                                                    The ink is water soluble and environmentally safe. The front and back of the SeedCD™ contains the same information that a traditional album would have including album cover, song list, credits etc.  After the SeedCD™ is purchased, the buyer redeems the unique code- placed on the back of the SeedCD™- via the artist’s website. The music is then downloaded and moved into the buyer’s music platform; iTunes, Windows etc. When the music download is complete, the buyer plants the SeedCD™.  

"Instead of the exchange of plastic for music  it’s the exchange of seeds for music.”  She says, “ Why throw plastic into the landfill when you can plant flowers instead?”

Homes says, “This album speaks on behalf of the Earth. In a world that is overpowered by noise, distraction and constant movement, it makes it difficult to sit and be present, to listen, and connect with nature and each other." The songs off the album focus on vulnerability, heartache, the importance of kindness, and treading lightly on ourselves, each other, and the Earth.



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