Seaport + Neutral | Coral Reef

Seaport + Neutral | Coral Reef


This is a great and comfortable baseball style hat to keep the sun, rain, and snow off your face and head. Whether you are hiking, sailing, gardening, paddling, fishing, farming, or just chilling with friends, this hat is a must.  

Coral organisms, are  tiny animals called polyps. Polyps can live on their own but they are usually found in colonies, or groups of limestone communities or reefs.  Coral polyps are tiny, soft-bodied organisms, and are related to jelly fish and sea anemones. They have a protective limestone skeleton (calicle) which forms the structure of the coral reef.   The most fascinating thing about coral reefs, is how they form. A  polyp attaches itself to a hard structure on the sea floor, then buds/ divides,  into thousands of clones. The polyp calicles then starts to connect to one another, creating a colony that acts as a single organism!  

National Geographic states, "As colonies grow over hundreds and thousands of years, they join with other colonies and become reefs. Some of the coral reefs on the planet today began growing over 50 million years ago. in warm waters all around the world." 

Factors such as global warming, sedimentation, and pollution are threatening reefs world wide and all the marine life that make reefs their home. 

20% of this sale go toward organizations protecting coral reefs and oceans .

Purchasing this hat helps protect coral reefs