Eastern Blubird Organic T-Shirt

Eastern Blubird Organic T-Shirt


Pre order your Eastern Bluebird T-Shirt!

We think our t's are pretty incredible. The designs are hand painted and then digitally printed using environmentally friendly water based inks. We also use organic cotton coming from suppliers who are as committed to a sustainable and environmental growing process, as they are to the production of the t-shirt.

The Eastern Bluebird is an abundant bird and is usually found in human populated areas. Because they are usually found in these areas they are sometimes seen as an early detector of an environmental concern or overuse of pesticides. The biggest threat to the Eastern Bluebird is housing developments in forests and meadows that the birds nest in. 

A % of this sale goes to the organizations helping to protect endangered species. 

Shipment expected April 1st 2018, just in time for Spring!

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