Pre Order Grapefruit + White | Guanacos

Pre Order Grapefruit + White | Guanacos


Pre order the currently sold out Guanacos baseball hat. Expected ship date is May 1st.

This is a great and comfortable baseball style hat to keep the sun, rain, and snow off your face and head. Whether you are hiking, sailing, gardening, paddling, fishing, farming, or just chilling with friends, this hat is a must.  

Guanacos are the wild ancestor of the Llama and the distant relative of the camel. They are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem in Patagonia.  In the late 19th century sheep were introduced and the Guanacos had to compete for forage and water.  The sheep introduced new diseases and the sheep owners would hunt Guanacos to make room for their sheep. Today, most guanacos are found in small populations that no longer migrate, relegated to the driest lands not suitable for livestock. They are currently threatened.

A % of this sale goes to the organizations helping them to protect the Guanaco.

Get Your Llamas On!