Grey + Neutral | North Atlantic Right Whale

Grey + Neutral | North Atlantic Right Whale


This is a great and comfortable baseball style hat to keep the sun, rain, and snow off your face and head. Whether you are hiking, sailing, gardening, paddling, fishing, farming, or just chilling with friends, this hat is a must.  

The North Atlantic Right Whale

When fully matured the North Atlantic right whales can reach lengths of 40 – 60 ft. and weigh up to 115 tons with up to 40% of the whale’s body weight being composed of blubber.  These whales are also distinguished by their large broad backs. The  females tend to grow larger than their male counterparts when fully grown. 

The North Atlantic right whale communicates through the use of low pitched moaning and whining sounds, that often sounds like string instruments. 

These whales can usually be found traveling alone or in small pods of 2 – 3 whales, however larger groups may be found traveling together during mating season.

The North Atlantic Right Whale is sadly one of the worlds most endangered whale. 

"Common along the eastern U.S. seaboard, the whale was hunted to near-extinction by the 1750s. While no longer pursued for its oil, meat and bones, the whale continues to be the victim of ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear, which can result in protracted, painful deaths. Right whales are declining so quickly that they may be functionally extinct by 2040 if more isn’t done to save them." - Center for Biological Diversity

20% of this sale go toward organizations protecting the North Atlantic Right Whale.

Purchasing this hat helps protect North Atlantic Right Whales