Underwater | Landscape Leggings

Underwater | Landscape Leggings


Every time you purchase a yoga + lifestyle legging from Katherine Homes 20% of the proceeds of this sale go to keeping our coral reefs and ocean safe.

Every time you take a step on your mat, your board, or through your life you have the opportunity to have a positive impact. 

Please wash in cold water and hang dry.

88% Polyester  12% spandex

Made in Canada, sweat shop free. The process to make this specific polyester uses 70% less water and energy. 


Purchasing these leggings help protect coral reefs


    WOMAN’S        XS               S                  M               L               XL

    size USA           0-2            4-6              8-10            12-14          16

    Waist                24”             26”              28”             31”             33”    

    Hips                 35”              37”              39”              42”            44”