Taking Action  |   Knowledge is Power 


Read and Watch 

The more we know, the more we can choose what we believe is right for ourselves, each other and our Planet. While we cannot say everyone will connect with the below suggestions, documentary films are created to shed light and a different perspective on important topics not always discussed in mainstream media.  We understand that everyone will have varying opinions and we respect them. Our list is a compilation of films and books bringing awareness to human, animal, and environmental health as well as those focusing on the astounding beauty found in the wild. 

We believe that we are all connected and we hope you walk away having a new appreciation for all of life.


This list is constantly evolving so check back often. 


Get Political  |  Speak Up and Speak Out 


Contact your local representative or senator and tell them why it's important to protect the environment and the importance of equality for all (wildlife included).   


Not sure how to get started?  Go here to find your local representative and write them. Not sure what to write them? Stay focussed on topics you care about whether that is land, water, animal, conservation etc. 




Get Involved 


Donate your time to an organization who is:


  • actively involved in protecting the Planet and wildlife.


  • getting people out into the wilderness (those who are able to connect with nature hopefully will be the same ones advocating for it in the future). 


  • teaching our children to have compassion for themselves, others, and the Earth (we believe this leads to respecting all life forms and wanting to treat them with kindness and compassion).  


Each organization will have a variety of different asks, from marching at city hall, protesting a new bill that will harm the environment, to cold calling individuals to increase donations and/or awareness on a pressing concern. 

While there are too many organizations to list, here are a few who we think are great organizations you can get involved with.



Don't see yours listed? Let us know what you are about and we'll recommend you!


Change Your Lifestyle  |  Recommended Resources


Every day we have the choice to ride or walk to work. A choice to eat plants over animal products. To buy products from companies that align with your beliefs. To opt for clean and green energy like solar, or electric cars when you can.