What We Do

We believe art has the capacity to shift perspectives. Katherine Homes puts a spotlight on threatened wildlife, wildlands and the importance of conservation efforts through affordable and functional design. How? By using products as billboards for these important messages, igniting conversation, and converting it into positive action.

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How It All Started

We could write a whole awful lot about how the Katherine Homes brand got started.

Katherine has always had an intimate connection to nature. From a young age, Katherine has always painted and sung about the wild. When she was five years old she made a commitment to tread lightly on the planet and encourage others to do the same. Her grandmother says it’s her Cherokee roots, (her great, great grandmother was Cherokee).

She spent most of her 20’s picking up random jobs so that she could create art, music and travel the world learning about how other communities lived and connected with their natural environments. In 2008 she had an idea to launch a brand that brought attention to endangered species through her art. She had no idea how she would make that happen.

Fast forward to 2014 when she left her job working on climate change. As she walked out of the office for the last time, the Creative Director looked her in the eyes and gave some simple advice. “Get really clear on what you want to do next….and DO IT.” It hit a chord and she got down to business.

She took two part time jobs and went back to finalizing her music for her first solo album, Speak. Katherine launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to produce Speak, which was written in away that told a story of the love affair between the wild and humans. The songs are told both from the perspectives, depending on how you listen to it.

A few friends gave her the idea to put some of her designs on products as prompts to get people to give to the campaign, and just like that her brand was born. On September 10th 2016 her album went live and in late May of 2017, the Katherine Homes brand made it’s public debut... and here we are. Full speed ahead!


Original Work

Katherine using a blind contour techniuqe for most of her work and hand paints all the designs using watercolor on wood and is represented by Oh Be Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte, Colorado.