Shipping + Returns

Shipping Domestic + International

Please allow between 3 days (for most products) and 2 weeks (for leggings) for an item to get to you. If you need something immediately please reach out directly and we will work with you to make that happen as fast as we can. Small company style. Unless noted, we charge for shipping.


While we’d love to have a return policy that looks something like this: Return any time for any reason for a full refund even if you’ve had the item for weeks and have worn it into the ground! We just can’t do that.

We wish we could! We honor our customers + we need to stay in business and appreciate your understanding.

What we can offer you is 100% full refund or exchange on items that are defected (yes, this sometimes happens even to the best of us). If you’ve ordered a size that doesn’t fit you quite right, we are happy to *exchange a product valued the same amount. 

We can not offer you a placement if it’s lovingly worn or lets say, your dog ate it, it go lost down the Colorado River or on a plane back from wherever it was you were.

Please also note we do not pay for shipping on returns or exchanges. 

Wood Stickers: Please make sure you have read ALL  instructions. If you do not wash the location of where you will be placing the sticker properly, it will not adhere correctly. These stickers are made to last! They do not fall off after getting wet, unless it was user error ;) 


*Leggings are made to order and cannot be returned | exchanged at this time.