Product Care + Instructions

We love our products and we hope you do too! That is why we’ve provided some tips on how to keep your product in tip top shape, minus normal wear and tear.

Hats: Please only use cold water to wash hats. We recommend hand washing your hats and air drying them.

Leggings: Please wash in cold water-machine wash is fine- and lay flat to dry. Because they are polyester they dry quickly and will stay true to its form. Polyester will shrink if washed in hot water and color may fade over time.

Shirts: These organic cotton shirts are not preshrunk so please wash in cold water and dry on medium - low heat.

Reuse + Recycle + Repeat!

If you no longer love your product you can turn it into something new (headbands out of the leggings) or sew into a pillow cover. Hand them down to your best friend or younger brother! Or donate them to someone in need. We want to see our products out of the landfill and getting use long after their original owner. Please help make that happen!