Can you imagine a world where there are no orangutans or giraffes, moss covered forests, or sting rays magically floating between health coral reefs? We can't.

Can you imagine a world where there are no mountains covered in wildflowers? Trees to sit under in parks? Butterflies and fireflies to chase? Snow that melts on your tongue? Chirps and songs from birds waking you up in the morning? The flutter of geese in the sky? A crisp blue sky? Clear oceans to swim in? Moose to stumble upon while hiking?

But that is where we are heading and if we don't do something about it, this world, this unique glorious, biological diverse world full of sound, color, and wonder will be gone.

This world isn't OURS, it's a shared world and we (humans) have a responsibility to protect it for all life and future generations.


Artist and activist, Katherine Homes (KT) left the nonprofit world where she worked in strategic partnerships, storytelling, development and fundraising, because she wanted to find a way to merge her love of art with her love of bringing attention to threatened species and wildlands. While she still spends a lot of her time in strategic partnerships and creative storytelling with a focus on sustainability and conservation, she's now a full time artist and business owner.

After launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for her solo music album, Speak - she gifted hats with her artwork on them to supporters- she launched her brand at a festival in Colorado. The hats took off and she couldn't think of a better platform: People walking around with billboards on their heads bringing attention to threatened species and wildlands.

5 years later the Katherine Homes brand can be found in stores all over the country, most notably working with Title Nine and REI. We are a small company with a loud voice and big dreams to help positively impact the natural world.

Pic: KT and Liz during a photoshoot talking about Sea Turtles
alpaca cuddles


We believe art has the capacity to shift perspectives. Katherine Homes puts a spotlight on threatened wildlife, wildlands and the importance of conservation efforts through affordable and functional design. How? By using products as billboards for these important messages, igniting conversation, and converting it into positive action.

There is too much work to be done to go it alone. We love other individuals and businesses who are using their public platform to inspire the masses and create change. We want to work with them. We think our non-profit partner organizations are amazing and want to do everything we can to support their work.

In 2021 we pivoted and started to support organizations that are only female founded and/or led, focusing on conservation, wildlife, and climate change. Why?

According to Network For Good :
  • Only 21 percent of large nonprofit CEOs are women.
  • Just 7.5 percent of all nonprofit executive staffs (and 14 percent of nonprofit boards) are women of color).
  • Women in nonprofits make 66 percent of the salaries of their male counterparts.


KT worked with HIH in Indonesia in 2012 and has been a huge supporter ever since.

Health In Harmony is an international nonprofit dedicated to reversing global heating, understanding that rainforests are essential for the survival of humanity. Using the innovative process of Radical Listening, we collaborate with the experts – rainforest communities – to create the change the planet needs. We do not wait for others to act but hold ourselves accountable for the planet’s future. Humanity must halve atmospheric carbon by 2030, and we are committed to making a significant impact on this drawdown. In order to scale, our work is deeply rooted in monitoring, data, and evaluation.


One Percent for the Planet Member

From the very beginning we have been a 1% for the planet Member because we believe that doing business for the sake or profit doesn't align with our core values of making sure that we look out and support each other: our individual families and friends and our global families and friends, be that human or animal or flora and fauna. We give at least 1% of our sales to environmental organizations.



We work with various organizations to plant trees to offset our carbon footprint.

We choose sustainable materials when offered and when we are able to. All designs are painted on sustainably sourced wood.

Hats - Are made in facilities that abide by environmental regulations and better wages and working conditions. We also have also been encouraging them to offer more sustainable products = 100% recycled mesh, 100% recycled poly / twill fabrics and organic cottons - although in very limited colors! Most of our hats are made with 100% recycled poly mesh and other hats also use 100% recycled poly twill fabrics or organic cotton fabrics when available.

We always aim to source the best products possible. We won't source wool unless we know where it comes from and that certain regulations are in place protecting their wellbeing. We do not source leather.

Notebooks - Made in Turkey. 1000% FSC paper. Eco Friendly inks: free of mineral oil, cobalt salts, and toxic substances.

Coloring Books and Product Tags- Made with 100% FSC- certified papers. Made in the USA.