We are animal lovers. We ski, surf, travel, climb, SUP, and hike. We sleep under the stars and dream big. We also believe that business should be driven by passion and the desire to better the world.

A Small Company With a Loud Voice

We are a small company who runs both like a for profit and a non profit. Our designs put attention on issues that that our partner organizations are trying to tackle. We create products to sell and give back to our partners so that they can continue to do their incredible work in the field.

In 2019 we will be launching our Take Action Campaigns where we will partner with influencers, activists, students and to motivate individuals, communities, families, companies, and universities to take tangible steps and be part of the solution to these environmental hurdles.

We want you to know that your voice matters. That your actions matter. Where you put your money and your time. Matters. Large or small. You are the solution. Don’t be overwhelmed by everything that has to be accomplished. If we work together our small actions will turn into enormous shifts. #takeactioncampaigns


The apparel industry (or really anything that clothes or equips us to live our material lives) has a huge footprint on the natural world which is why we struggled with becoming a brand selling apparel. After lots of debate we realized that we’d be able to have more of an impact becoming a brand, then not. So we made a commitment to do things right.

Wood: All wood Katherine paints on is sustainably harvested and sourced.

Hats: Are made in facilities that abide by environmental regulations and better wages and working conditions.

T-Shirts / Tanks (2020): We work with a social enterprise that provides free job trainings to underserved women in New Delhi, India who provide sewing and management jobs. These same women make our products. They are provided with wonderful and supportive working conditions, free health care and educational support for their children.

They are also striving to become a Zero Waste Facility. Currently they take the fabric scraps from our products and weave into small rugs. HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!

We use ethically sourced GOTS certified organic cotton and support a closed loop dying system and eco friendly inks.