Jack Rabbit Print |Two Sizes


 Jack Rabbit Print 

Did you know a Jackrabbit isn’t really a rabbit at all, but a hare? They can run up to 40 mph (in quick bursts) in order to escape predators. Jackrabbits are an important food source for many animals such as coyotes, Red-tailed Hawks, eagles, foxes, and bobcats.

It is vulnerable due to loss of habitat, including clearing and vegetation removal, development, roads and traffic, and the presence of people and domestic animals.

These are made to order and ships in 5 - 10 days and are non-refundable.

12 x 12"  is is a Giclée print - includes a 1/8 inch inch white border.

24" x 24" is a Giclée print- includes a 1/2 inch white border.

  • Supporting a small, local printer
  • Frame not included 
  • Images are for reference and are not actual. 
  • Please do not buy frame or matting until you receive your prints - you'll thank us later!

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