Manatee | Print


If wearing a hat is not your style, you'll feel great about this purchase as a percentage of sales will be donated to organizations protecting threatened species such as the Manatee.


They are mostly herbivores marine mammal sometimes known as a sea cow. They are slow and peaceful creatures often found grazing on plants in tropical waters. The manatee has been know to live up to 60 years and are capable of understanding discrimination tasks and show signs of complex associative learning.


There are so many more interesting facts about this incredible animal. Sadly their main cause of death is human-related. Habitat destruction, ship strikes, entanglement in fishing gear, and harassment by people to name a few.

We should treat all living things with respect, and that includes these gentle marine mammals.

Frame it and hang it. 

Size:  8.5" x 11"

  • Printed on 100% sustainably sourced paper
  • Supporting a small, local printer

Generating awareness around threatened species and wildlands through affordable and functional art.

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