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Take Action Campaigns: Baby Steps

Take Action Campaigns: Baby Steps

Need some advice on how to protect the endangered Green Sea Turtle or tips on what to pack for launch that doesn't have an extreme footprint on the planet? We've got you covered! Stop by periodically to see our updates! 

The dream to merge the love of art with the love of the environment became a reality when I launched my brand.  Being a small business owner, but also an entrepreneur -with 100 new ideas every minute- it became certain that we would launch our Take Action Campaigns at the start of 2019.

So often I hear:

"What is the best non profit to support?"

"I don't have time to actually volunteer? How else can I make a difference?"

" How can I have the biggest positive impact with little time or resources?"

We hear you and often have the same questions!  

We are going to help by generating a list of ideas and stories so that you feel inspired into action in order to protect the all the wild places and creatures that need protecting. 

High Five! You've just read this, so we know you are in the right spot ;)