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Vaquita | Prints

  • $78.00

Prints are made to order and ships in 5 - 10 days and are non-refundable.

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  • Images are for reference and are not actual. 
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Is the worlds smallest cetacean, a marine mammal that includes whales, dolphins, or porpoise. It is the worlds most endangered porpoise.

Cetaceans are highly intelligent and have advanced abilities to remember, recognize, reason, communicate, problem solve, and have complex social bonds.

While the Vaquita is not currently in captivity, there are many dolphin and whale species in captivity that should be released back to their families and social circles.

They are threatened by fisher people, fishing for shrimp, getting hit by boats and entangled in fishing nets.  It is estimated there are only about 9 left in the world.


8.5” x 11" | Giclée on Cotton Paper - includes a 1/8 inch white border.

17" x 23"  | Giclée on Cotton Paper - includes a 1/5 inch white border.

Generating awareness around threatened species and wildlands through affordable and functional art.