Whorled Sunflower Print | Two Sizes


Whorled Sunflower Prints

The most interesting thing about this wild sunflower is that it was thought to be extinct for about 100 years until it was rediscovered in 1994!! It is found in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia and grows in open pastures or along roads.

Wildflowers require less water and fertilizer, are less prone to disease, and are more tolerant to pests. These flowers really are power flowers!

They also provide critical habitat for pollinators, beneficial insects and wildlife, which is important for the ecosystem function, and pollination. They can improve soil health, prevent erosion, help create groundwater filtration systems, and reduce the impacts of drought. 

Its decline is due to lack of habitat, fire suppression and expanding agriculture.


* This painting is still for sale, if interested please email info@katherinehomes.com and put "Whorled Sunflower Painting Interest" in subject heading. 


"12 x 12"  is printed on 100% sustainably sourced paper

"24 x 24" is a Giclee print. This is made to order and ships in 5 - 10 days and are non refundable. 

  • Supporting a small, local printer
  • Frame not included 

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