Elephants | What You Can Do To Make A Difference


Oh to be wowed by the Elephants intelligence, playfulness, and intricate complexities of the family tribe to the horrendous and inhuman ways they have been treated, to all the wonderful organizations and communities trying to protect them.

It has many uses it has for its tusks, and their important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems they call home. Tusks help the Elephants dig water in the dry season, ultimately also helping to provide other animals with water. The Elephant helps with the dispersal of seeds, through their dung, in which entire species of trees and shrubs rely exclusively on to ensure a healthy and thriving Savanah. (If we are talking about the African Elephant).

Elephants are threatened by the ivory trade (unfortunately many individuals still consider owning ivory as a symbol of status) captured and mistreated in tourism, and loss of habitat that impacts their food supply and access to other elephant groups jeopardizing healthy breeding opportunities.

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Every Activist

Here's what YOU can do. Yes you. You can make a difference. No matter how large or small your positive action is, it is an action and when enough individuals act, things can and will positively shift.

  • Do not buy products that are made with ivory. If the buying stops, the killing can stop.

  • Do not engage in tourism activities that exploit Elephants. And when we say exploit we mean just about anything where the elephant is doing something outside of its natural habitat.

  • Volunteer your time to promote this message on your social media platforms, to your personal and professional communities, and through your businesses.

  • Donate your dollars or your time to an organization dedicated to protecting Elephants.

  • Buy a one of our Elephant products! 1% of the sale will be donated to organizations protecting Elephants.