Sudan, Northern White Rhino | Print


We must do everything we can to help protect the figure of all species of the Rhino. Purchasing this print will help. A percentage of sales will go back to organizations doing everything to protect this species.

Sudan, Northern White Rhino 

A stark reminder of what can happen when we don’t act fast enough. The Northern White Rhino once grazed the open grasslands of Eastern and Central Africa, but because of uncontrolled hunting and poaching for their horns, there are currently only two known Northern White Rhinos in existence, both of which are females, making them functionally extinct. This completely breaks our hearts. While Sudan was the last male Northern White Rhino, there are two more females and other Rhino species that need protection. 

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12 x 12"  is a Giclée print - includes a 1/8  inch white border.

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  • Images are for reference and are not actual. 
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