Moose | Adventure Is Everywhere

Moose are big. Like up to 1,200 lbs big! Maybe that’s why they spend so much time in the water - to get some of that pressure off their poor legs. Moose are actually born with the ability to swim, so it’s clearly an important part of being a moose. And you know what else is a big part of being a moose? Eating! Moose can casually eat up to 75 pounds of plants and shrubs a day and store up to 100 pounds of food in their stomachs. Some of the biggest threats to Moose populations are climate change, habitat loss, and disease. In Minnesota, there was a 60% decline in their numbers over a 10 year period which has all of us a lot worried, and searching for answers. Let’s show these big animals some big deer some big love and make sure they’re here to stay