Sudan, Northern White Rhino | What You Can Do To Make A Difference


A stark reminder of what can happen when we don’t act fast enough.

The Northern White Rhino once grazed the open grasslands of Eastern and Central Africa, but because of uncontrolled hunting and poaching for their horns, there are currently only two known Northern White Rhinos in existence, both of which are females, making them functionally extinct. This completely breaks our hearts.

While Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino who inspired this design, there are two more females and other Rhino species that need protection. We need you to step up and act so that we can make sure that the Rhino specifies is protected and thriving in the future.

Show Us Your Making Strides and We Will Discount Your Next Order!

Every action matters! If you can show us that you are taking action, by not buying a rhino horn product, because every action big or small matters, tag us and your top 10 friends in a"say no" situation and we'll give you 10% off your next order.

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Here's what YOU can do. Yes you. You can make a difference. No matter how large or small your positive action is, it is an action and when enough individuals act, things can and will positively shift.

  • While Rhino horn is being promoted as a cure for cancer, cure for a hangover, and for general health, there is absolutely no evidence that it has medicinal properties. Even if it did, there are no reasons why a human should kill an animal to benefit human health.

  • Do not use Rhino horn. Do not sell Rhino horn. Do not buy Rhino horn. When the buying stops the killing can stop.

  • Volunteer to your time to promote this message on your social media platforms, to your personal and professional communities, and through your businesses.

  • Donate to the following organizations.